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Happy Sunday, my lovelies! Keeping it short and simple today -
Nails This Week: Gray Ombre
Click here for more info

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! This week’s manicure celebrates me starting my hacker school classes tomorrow: Programmer’s Delight! Click here for more photos and info on this coding-inspired nail art <3

Happy SUNDAY, my lovelies! FYI, NfN is going to start updating on Sundays instead of Mondays, check out today’s post for more info!

Today we have an INCREDIBLY simple manicure that looks AWESOME when finished: Wood Nails! Check out the post here for more pictures and info on how to do it yourself.

Hey, lovelies! I entered my butterfly wing nails over at nailpornography’s NOTW (Nails of the Week) contest - go vote if you get the chance!

Happy Monday, my lovelies! This week we’re getting in a springtime mood with today’s tutorial: Rainbow Butterfly Wings! (Click through for more pictures and the tutorial)

Happy Monday, my lovelies! This week’s manicure is dessert-themed, since my birthday was yesterday :) Click here for tutorials to make your very own Cupcake Nails at home!

Happy Monday, my lovelies! Let’s get going with a funky manicure: Blue Mod! (Click for more pictures and how-to at home)